Recruiting eligible men 35-48 years old

We have a lot of extremely desirous female clients in Linx who are looking for a man like you!  These women join Linx Dating because they are looking for us to serve as a powerful filter, weeding out miss matches and matching them to individuals that closely map to what they are looking for. At Linx we do all the work for our clients behind the scenes and allow them to focus on what they are meant to do- work, friends, family, interests, etc without having to shuffle through online profiles or deal with less than high caliber folks through other avenues. Linx currently works with close to 1,000 clients all centric to the Bay Area.

Linx is looking for reliable and eligible men who are between the ages of 35-48 years old approx who live in the Bay Area. Although this is a broad search there are some specifics we are looking for:

~ He is any ethnicity,  5’10” -> , fit, and keeping healthy through an active lifestyle

~ He is a professional who is firmly rooted in his career and holds a leadership position (think Founder, Director, MD, General Partner, etc)

~ He is very well rounded with many unique interests and hobbies

~ Religions are great- we are looking for guys who are culturally Jewish, Christian, Catholic, etc. Maybe you are simply agnostic or spiritual.

~ Icing on the cake is he must be comfortable with commitment and marriage one day.  

If you have a friend who is interested or you might make the cut email me directly and share a little bit about yourself:

Thank you and happy dating!

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