VIP Search

We are searching for the perfect female  candidate for a new VIP of Linx. Our client is early 40’s, 5’10”, fit, good looking. He comes from a very good family background, runs a family business, super successful, and highly driven- yet understands balance. 

He is refreshingly down-to-earth, introspective, smart, and has strong family values. He’s really ready to meet the woman of his dreams who will respect his need for independence and his personal goals to be able to have complete authority of his own schedule where he can travel for pleasure around the world for up to a year with his dream girl. 

His perfect match is 28-late 30’s, a total natural beauty and class act. She is grounded in who she is, refined, elegant, confident, trustworthy, private, and social -without being the life-of-the-party or too introverted where she is uncomfortable at galas or intimate dinners amongst family and friends. Her main goal now is to find her future husband and develop a very strong bond. Relationship and marriage is first…and perhaps a baby is down the road but the burning desire for a baby isn’t driving her decision making. 

Physically she is petite or slender, stylish in a more elegant way, and naturally attractive without globs of make-up.  Ethnicities could be Caucasian, Asian blend, European, etc.

If you are ready for the luxe life filled with adventures, jet setting, fine wines, deep intellectual conversation, and never a dull moment, you might have very well met your match!

If you are interested in meeting this incredible bachelor, email me


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