Featured July VIP Search

We are searching for a VIP gentleman who defines the standards that the Linx network represents. This gentleman is in his late 40’s, has been married one time before, and has children at home who he adores very much. He is of Indian heritage, 5’9″ respectfully, and keeps extremely fit from a variety of regimens such as P90X,  yoga, and running, as well as, a heart healthy veggie based diet. Although he maintains a pretty strict disciplined lifestyle, that’s not to say that he doesn’t love his good red wine and the occasional splurge! He’s not a dater, doesn’t do online, and seeks out Linx to match him to the perfect quality woman. 

Professionally, he is a CEO of a ground-breaking company and also holds his Ph.D. in Engineering. Like a lot of ultra successful men, he is pretty private and not one to parade around town name dropping or needing to be at all of the latest trendy parties. The way we look at his life is really split evenly between two parts being his dedication to his work and his focus on his family and raising his kids well.

Personality wise, he is incredibly passionate, a total romantic, loyal, has very high integrity, is cerebral, a total family man, spiritual, sensual, and tries to be as selfless as possible. He leads with compassion, kindness, and yet there is a real depth to his personality that only the right match with a tremendous high EQ can tap into. 

His match is 30-42 years old, Caucasian, Asian American, or Indian. She is taller, very fit,  slender, and clean-cut. Her appearance is more natural, sense of style maybe even modest. He’s been attracted to Ph.D. and MBA types but is most certainly open.

Her personality is kind, intellectually very curious, patient, trustworthy, grounded in reality, and possess nurturing instincts. Although his children have a mom, his perfect match should love kids and look forward to fitting into his home and lifestyle.  She should be willing to uproot herself and move to his gorgeous home and blend into the good life. She will also look forward to world travel, yoga together, entertaining, laughing, and continually learning. 

There are no games with this VIP. If he feels “it”, he will marry and not waste time.

Deal breakers include: extremes with religion,  not clean-cut, doesn’t drink, over 42 years old.

You simply won’t ever find him online, at bars, or through other matchmakers. He is a total gem and keeper!

If you are interested in meeting this completely unique bachelor, please email me at: amy@linxdating.com

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