5 Cost Effective Ways for Guys to Bump Up Their Game

Guys, I was having a conversation with my husband and sister over the weekend and we were chatting about ways for guys to essentially land the babe for a first date and hopefully increase his chances of her accepting his invitation and quite possibly a second date and beyond.

You don’t need to have a private jet or  a bank account with a 10 zeros in it. If you have the jet and that bank account, well you are ‘da man! In all seriousness if you want to project the image of a someone who has game first you need a dose of confidence.  Confidence is found from knowing who you are, feeling good about your career, and feeling attractive from your fitness regimen, the world is your oyster.

First, book an appointment to get a guy’s manicure and haircut. These two simple things are essential to looking polished and presentable. Next, invest in a good pair of shoes (women always look at a guys shoes and these tell so much about who you are). My personal favorite is Ferragamo for men’s shoes- classic, beautifully stitched leather, and timeless.  If you don’t have one, get a money clip with your monogram on it. This projects a wealth of confidence and sends a signal that you have it going on! Finally, in prep for your date, research a unique varietal of wine and bring a bottle on your date. You don’t need to spend more than $40 bucks on a cool bottle of wine. It is the small education you will give your date about this wine you like, the thought that really counts, and a nice ice breaker. 

These are such small ways to increase your game- not only feeling good about going into the date but projecting a sexiness that women find appealing. You are dressed the part and come prepared with something interactive and fun to do.

If you have tips on other ways for guys to increase their Dating A Game, I would love to hear it!

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