Recruiting Women

Are you a female who has dated a ton in San Francisco or beyond and experienced relationships but ultimately are still looking for your dream match? Linx Dating is representing a VIP gentleman who is our premier client in our latest June Dating Confidential newsletter and is someone to seriously consider to see if you qualify as a match. Our client has a heart of gold, wise beyond his years, depth of character, intellect, street smarts, success, and youth on his side. The  two missing pieces in his life are his dream match and having a family. Are you his girl?

Our client is a down-to-earth and successful gentleman who is physiologically in his 40’s, although biologically in his late 50’s. He is a spry and youthful Caucasian gentleman who is 5’10”, with an athletic and fit physique, a nice head of light brown hair and soulful sea blue eyes. Professionally he runs a very well respected medical practice and truly understands balance in his life. He is exceptionally well rounded and personality wise is introspective, intuitive, driven, creative, family centric, and a hopeless romantic. You will find him to be a great storyteller and very conversational as well. Perhaps most importantly, he is extraordinarily down-to-earth, blunt and very real.

His dream girl is ready for marriage and has always wanted to bring a baby into this world with her partner at the right time. You are in your 30’s or quite possibly early 40’s, fit, stylish, and have tons of athletic gear in your closet. When friends describe you they would say emotionally stable, grounded, poised, optimistic with a positive aura, intelligent, and with a warmth and compassion that is infectious.

We are going to be hosting an exclusive and invite-only event conducting private screenings for qualifying candidates June 29, 30, and July 1st in Menlo Park. This VIP will be hosting the event and we will invite you to meet with the Linx staff over tea, champagne, and light refreshments to make your visit relaxing and fun. At the meeting, it will only be me and quite possibly my husband.

These appointments are individual meetings, not a roomful of women. And, not to worry, the VIP will not be there!

What are you waiting for? Don’t be shy, reach out to me. If you aren’t a fit, perhaps you have a dear friend who is a great fit. This gentleman is incredible and after meeting him many times through meetings and long conversations, we can firmly stand behind this. 

My goal in person would be see if you qualify and, should you not, we can discuss ways you can join the network otherwise. There will be no fees associated with this opportunity.

I am very excited to have all interested candidates email me to ask questions and certainly share a little bit about why you think you would make a good match! 

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