It’s Raining Men

Linx Line Ladies…..there are so many great guys pouring into the offices here in Palo Alto wanting to be set up with you! This week I have a ton of interviews with men of all ages- 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

These guys are very typical for who I see request meetings with me and sign up for matchmaking services. They are by definition very ambitious, highly educated, genuine, and seeking commitment. So refreshing. They also are concerned with the amount of time that online dating requires and how it or miss it really is, and they simply won’t settle by some frivoulous hook up from a bar. Men desire our vetting and the filter that is in place weeding out miss matches and working with types that potentially could be an excellent fit for them. Time is precious and limited and they would rather outsource their love to an expert than roll the dice themselves and chance it.

These guys are all very unique and a quick sampling of who I am meeting this week….40 something hunk quite good looking who is a big exec here in the Valley and dad of 3 girls. He is seeking a sexy and sporty partner to live life with! My other interview is a hip 29 year old technologist, tall, Asian American who loves dive bars, trendy restaurants, and travel. He is seeking his intellectual counterpart who has a great sense of humor! There is also a 50 something exec who is super athletic, funny, and has everything lined up in his life. He errors on the shy side so finding an extroverted match would be ideal.   Those are just three examples of so many men, so little time!

If you are interested in seeing if you make a good match for one of these gentleman, please email me today and take these baby steps towards possible membership.

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