Drinks on the Linx

We are 3 weeks away from our next great networking event called Drinks on the Linx at the Stanford Golf Course clubhouse patio….next to the 18th fairway.  We have a tremendous turnout so far and have been asked by all sorts of people what the average age at the events are. Today I have gotten a handful of RSVPs from 26 year olds and a bunch from the 40’s crowd. The more the merrier and you never know who you will meet at these popular events.

I‘m pretty excited as I got my preppy outfit for the party! After scouring the internet and local boutiques for preppy madras prints that scream GOLF, I finally found the perfect preppiest little number in pinks and greens no less with a hint of madras print too.

Keep telling your friends about Drinks on the Linx and make sure to register via Pay Pal. If you are a female attending, we encourage you to invite a guy and vice versa. Although these are not singles events, it is nice to keep the gender ratio balanced.

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