Smart Dating for the Modern Woman

Ladies, a common occurrence I see time and time again is that so many of you put all your eggs in one basket when dating. To steal a quote from Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts goes back into the boutique that originally snubbed her pre-glam make-over….”big mistake….huge!”

It happened again today when a prospect of Linx (profile late 30’s female, exec) said that her friend had just introduced her to a guy over the weekend and she wants to see if the connection continues with him before she proceeds with a call with Linx. I bet you they exchanged phone numbers and for her time froze over, the angels harkened, and she has since stopped everything in her life to focus on this guy she doesn’t even know!

A woman in this age category needs to keep every option open and absolutely never discount a potentially huge resource in front of her like the Linx network. Ok, so I am a little biased but come on ladies!

A more savvy approach for this woman would be to exercise as many substantial options for meeting men and never say no to opportunities to meet other potentially very desirable men. It’s simply too risky and for all this woman knows, he is dating like a machine and has no intention of a monogamous relationship and one day, marriage.  At 38 years old, time is critical for her.

Until she gets extremely serious with one man, to the point that he has asked for her ring finger size, she should be being courted by different suitors. This approach creates desire in the man to definitely STEP IT UP and get serious with her. Men like to chase, pursue, and if she is so available (especially in the beginning stages like **maybe** going on a second date like this guy), forget it, he won’t be interested and will write her off.

I‘ve been at this for so many years now and see this pattern weekly.  What is the lesson here? Keep your options open until there is a strong intent to marry you!

One comment

  1. You are right on with your advice! Some women waste a lot of time on guys when there is no indication that the guy has more than a passing interest.

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