Recruiting for January & February 2011

Linx is recruiting the following types of candidates and enlisting your help to locate these individuals for some of our most desirable VIP clients:


28-34 years old. Caucasian, blond/brunette, attractive, fashionista, slender,  5’5”-5’10”. You were raised in a loving home and your parents are still together.  Education was paramount in your upbringing and you attended a very good undergraduate school and perhaps have post graduate work too. Adjectives that come to mind  describing you are: warm, social, poised, polished, sophisticated, happy, family centric, and intelligent. You are “first lady” material.  Our client is  SF based, late 30’s, good looking, extremely successful, and lives his life with high integrity and old fashioned gentlemanly manners. Being married to this VIP will be a lifetime of romance, being treated like a princess, lavish gifts, and loyalty.

26-38 years old. Caucasian, blond, very cute, 5’3”-5’7”, super sporty look, natural, and not focused on material things. A red sole heel doesn’t register in your mind. Red what?!   You’re an athlete and played a college sport (think soccer, tennis, gymnastics, etc) and attended a top school. You’re super easy going, like to push the envelope intellectually, and will always leads a sporty lifestyle. This is for a 39 year old VIP who is hot, Ph.D, high energy & enthusiasm for everything he does in his life,  fit, an athlete, and Ivy League educated. Being married to this VIP will be a lifetime of  fun, keeping healthy, being best friends, and playing flag football in the backyard with the kids.

28-40 years old. Asian, Mixed heritage, Latin, or Mediterranean look. You are feminine, with bangin’ curves in the right places, fit, and stylish. Personality wise, you are social, easy-going, creative, nurturing, and worldly. This is for a VIP client who is early 40’s, European with an edgy sense of style, good looking, hard working, and a devoted father. This client is looking for a woman who absolutely loves kids and wants children of her own one day. Ideally his match lives on the Peninsula or South Bay.  A marriage with this gentleman will be filled with spontaneity, world travel, playfulness, and lots of romance. This description of the ideal woman also fits a handful of other gentlemen in Linx who seek a similar female, although the other gentleman are flex on her geographic location.

25-34 years old. Caucasian, blond, feminine curves and sexy. You’re a country girl at heart who might be living in San Francisco but when push comes to shove,  you want to live in the burbs on a property with your babies and dogs running around.  You’re liberal in your politics, don’t mind a guy who leads a healthy vegetarian lifestyle, and are not religious. Adjectives that describe you are: loving, funny, warm, happy, and smart. Our VIP is a good looking guy with piercing blue eyes. He is 37 years old, fit, hold his Ph.D, and lives about 70 miles outside of the Bay Area. Being married to this golf nut VIP will be a lifetime of devotion, children, lots of laughter, and security in having the American dream white picket fence family.

35-50 years old. Caucasian, Eurasian, Mixed heritage. You’re 5’2”-5’7”, slender or petite, brunette, and derive pleasure from all things feminine.  If you look like Kate Beckinsale our client will walk on water to meet you!  You have a strong inner core, are genuine, compassionate, private, and complete as a person.  This is for a late 40’s former CEO Ivy League educated VIP who devotes his energy to charity and giving back. Ideally you have a flex schedule for travel, skiing, tennis, and living life to the fullest degree. A marriage with this VIP is all about loyalty, devotion, family, friends, giving back to the world, and luxury to the highest degree.   



35-45 years old. Caucasian, Asian-American. You are above 5’9”, athletic, and good looking. You are very kind hearted, family centric,  serious but can let loose and have fun,  sophisticated. Think James Bond meets Bill Gates! This is a search for a VIP female who is early 30’s, a gorgeous Asian American, Ivy League educated, poised, and polished. She is very family centric and has a great group of friends. A marriage with her would be a lasting bond filled with seeing the world through a global lenses, philanthropy, and simple pleasures like staying in all weekend and experimenting in the kitchen together.

30-40 years old. Caucasian. You are tall, athletic, and handsome. Personality wise, you are social, confident, super family centric, friendly, and always thinking of others. You’re very driven in your career yet feel that you’ve reached a point of maturity where you are ready to focus on settling down. Ideally you are considered middle of the road or leaning fiscally conservative politically, with socially liberal leanings. This profile fits the description of two female VIPS. Both ladies are late 20’s and early 30’s, raised very well, confident, sophisticated, and educated. Both are attractive and fit.



30-38 years old. Asian American, 5’9” and up, fit, and caring about health. You are a founder, entrepreneur, doctor, or attorney who works insanely long hours but also loves to play hard and unwind. Your relationship with your parents is excellent and friends consider you  ambitious, loyal, smart, and little geeky to round everything out. This is for a female VIP who is Chinese-American, early 30’s, very well educated, strong values, and cute! A marriage with her will be all about family, building a very strong foundation together as equals and allies, and romance.

48-65 years old. Caucasian, Mixed heritage, 5’10” and up, fit, and healthy.  You’ve reached success professionally where maybe you don’t need to work anymore but do probably because you are really good at what you do. You have been married before, have children who might be out of the house at this point, and seek a companion to live life to the fullest with. Key words that describe you are: social, predictable, kind, and with fierce integrity. This is a for a female VIP who is East Coast and West Coast based. She doesn’t necessarily seek marriage but what she does seek right now is a fabulous monogamous relationship. She is 55 years old, 5’9”, very fit, runs her own successful business, and spends her down time with her two kids, hiking, traveling, enjoying intellectual conversations, and fine-dining. A relationship with her would be honest, fun, sensual, and mature.

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