Avoiding awkward moments on dates

If you see someone on a date  who is happily in the moment with their respective date…..don’t say to the person who you think you know , “Hey…it’s me…remember we met at Amy’s Link and Dating dating party thingy…..” You will hit a wall of S-I-L-E-N-C-E.  This happened tonight and I actually think it is pretty funny.

A friend who was at my Link and Drink ran into a pretty girl who was at my Link and Drink at the same bar tonight. She was clearly on a date and focused on her date….her date was some poor guy  with had crutches and looked not so happy. My friend walks up to her table and introduced himself as “so and so” that she met at Amy’s party. She said something along the lines of “I have no idea what you are talking about” and then looks back at her date (the crutch guy and smiling nervously) so he goes on to say “yeah, Amy Andersen, the girl who does Link & Drink…the dating party….I met you there, remember?!”

SILENCE between crutch boy, my friend, and the pretty girl. Well about 15 seconds of silence later that felt like 10 minutes for her and well….her date, that is another story.

Right now, I imagine she’s getting an ear full in the car ride home from the beau who all of a sudden either doesn’t trust her or thinks she is sleeping around or simply questioning her stock price. Crutch boy’s mind is now wandering thinking about the Facebook friend request he just got this morning wondering if he should accept it from his Princeton Sophomore through Senior year sweetheart.

In the end, the unfortunate thing is that my friend was actually trying to be outgoing and friendly but just chose the wrong thing to say. Instead of ending up stirring the pot, he could have done the same thing and gone up to that table, introduced himself to her and her beau and said “I’m so and so, yeah I met you at Amy’s networking event back in December. We chatted for a bit about your job situation. I hope you got that offer you were looking for…..” And exit, walk away…never a mention of winking at you on match.com, how you met at a dating event, or how you secretly wish she wasn’t on that date because you’d rather be there instead of crutch boy.

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