Searching for a Modern Day Maria

Every little girl grew up watching The Sound of Music at some point in time. This past Christmas I was glued to the screen watching it again and admiring what a classic movie it is. Last night I had the opportunity to dine with a very eligible and brilliant gentleman who opened up about finding his future wife. It dawned on me that my friend represents a modern day Captain Von Trapp who is searching for his modern day Maria.  My gentleman friend is a good looking man, with impeccably groomed nails, perfectly starched Italian clothes, and excellent manners. Manners that are so on point that I really cannot recall a time seeing such chivalry and hospitality- and mind you from the bottom of his genuine heart!

Like many men I have the opportunity to interface with, he is extremely successful in his career and has a razor sharp mind. His determination and fierce focus professionally has positioned him to have the freedom that many hope they will achieve one day. The more we chatted, the more I realized how traditional and what a romantic he is (he wants to read poetry to his future Mrs., serve her breakfast in bed, let her lounge in her PJs on the weekend if she wants, wisk her off to some exotic location ‘just because’, and never set eyes on any other woman.)  Up until now,  he has shielded his heart from many opportunities as he is extremely selective and simply will not settle. Why would he?

This gentleman is like many guys that I get to represent as a matchmaker. He has reached a level of success where he feels extremely confident in who he is and what he wants. In his late 30’s, he can now focus energies on finding his dream wife. If a man is wishy washy about his career or where he is going in life, he simply isn’t ready to find a match for marriage. Men need everything lined up in their lives to be able to focus on love. If something is off-kilter, everything else is off balance and the heart is not ready to take true love to the next level.

Drum roll please…...I am searching for a modern day Maria who lives in the Bay Area. She is someone who is biologically able to have children, thus I believe the perfect age for him would be 25-35 years of age. This modern day Maria grew up with a strong foundation of family behind her and a sense of responsibility and accountability. On the outside, Maria is simply beautiful. Grace Kelly gorgeous. She cares about her health, her skin glows with radiance, she eats well, and maybe drinks but only in moderation.  Maria is very well educated, confident in who she is, and passionate about something in her life. Maybe she gives back through volunteer work, maybe it is a book club she is part of.

I’m not asking for a girl who was considering being a nun but what I do think is important is a woman for my friend who never slept around. She respects herself to the highest degree and is considered a “good girl.”  Her friends and family call her sweet, social, extremely smart, kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and traditional.  She can hold her own in any social situation and speaks intelligently across a wide range of subjects.  Maria has had many boys ask her out before but she has never truly met a real gentleman who will love and cherish her forever. I would love to hear from you with any leads of friends who might be the perfect fit for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


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