Fun to be had by everyone

I am so impressed by the crowd of 400 plus guests that attended last night’s Link & Drink networking event. The vibe was super friendly and very sophisticated. The Four Seasons did a great job making this event really high-end and special for everyone. Guests enjoyed being greeted by my hot and smart little sister, Ashley, and fabulous dazzling side-kick Chelsea.  Guests sipped libations, participated in stimulating conversation, and created new connections. Life is about networking and who you know after all.

The highlight of my night was discovering that so many couples have actually met from my Link & Drinks!   I chatted with one guy who mentioned that he attended my last Link & Drink in July 2010 along with his colleague and both of them ended up meeting their amazing girlfriends at the event! His buddy is soon to move in with his GF. Hearing this really reinforced how powerful these events are. Imagine a room full of professionals- 20 something’s, 30’s, 40’s, and beyond who like to meet others. Beyond the networking the apparent strong underlying current is that many of these dynamic guests are looking and ‘on the market’ if you will. All of a sudden people are benefitting dualistically and extending beyond the professional circuit.

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