Insider information into the minds of men!

As a professional matchmaker, I get feedback all the time from my male clients, as well as, from guy friends that at the end of the day they are extremely influenced for better or for worse from the way a woman looks. Big surprise right?!

Universally, there are some key messages that I hear time and time again from guys. Note, these are young guys, guys in their 50’s, 60’s, men who are new to the dating scene from divorce, and men who are just getting serious about commitment after grad school.

I am sure some of you won’t agree and that is fine but here are some of the “basic” no no’s that men cannot stand.

1. Men don’t like when you wear baggy clothing.

(A lot of my male clients will provide feedback to me that their Linx match wore a “mumu” or some “baggy t-shirt dress with a belt.” Guys do not respond well to this. I’m definitely not asking you to show up for dates looking like a ‘lady of the night’ AT ALL and even if you did men don’t want that as it would be TOO much. Conversely,  my message to make you successful in the early stages of dating is to accentuate your figure!  You don’t need to buy the latest Herve Leger dress but you do need to figure out your best asset (legs, butt, boobs, etc.) and work it. If you have insane legs, then show them off and wear a tasteful dress that covers the chest, hugs the body, yet shows off the sexy gams.

This image here is the perfect little first date number. You are classy, you aren’t trying too hard, you are accentuating your figure, and you look feminine.  I grabbed this image from the Banana Republic site. Plus it is a great price point and versatile for work too where you could throw on a cute blazer and be done with a super polished look.

Don’t worry I’m not saying to wear this kind of outfit. Come on this isn’t about creating a scene from Pretty Woman. This is too much of everything…legs…skin…..seriously though I must admit I do like the back on this though. The scalloping is very pretty and lace is so ‘in.’  Can her torso be any longer and butt tight to perfection?!  Mental note,  pencil in a trip to the gym later!


2. Most men don’t like short hair. (I am only sharing what men tell me.)

Men like medium to long hair. It is sensual and feminine.  Men like well groomed, shiny, and healthy hair. Men also trend towards straight hair.

Shiny, clean, med/long , and straight seems to be the universal message I get from guys. BTW, the little jacket she has on is fabulous for the holidays and ideal for a date! Paired with jeans, little pumps, and a simple tank underneath, it is super feminine and will have you sparkling for days!

3. Men respond better to light make-up and clear healthy skin. Stick to minimal foundation and instead consider a foundation stick by Bobbi Brown or perhaps my fav go-to product through Laura Mercier- her tinted foundation is super light and ethereal. Light on the foundation, mascara, keep eye shadow neutral, and light on the lips- sticking to gloss ideally. I’ll talk more about make-up and skincare in another post but make a point to do a monthly facial too to keep skin healthy and pores clean. Of course water is a must and hydrating regularly keeps everything on balance.

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